Sakagura Bar

Sakagura Bar

*A Bar Open to All Sake Lovers

The Sakagura Bar is at the heart of any stay at our hotel. Guests can avail themselves of a free flow of Afuri sake, created by the Kikkawa Brewery. The cozy, welcoming atmosphere dotted with art and antique brewing tools invites you to unwind.
The Sakagura Bar is open to both guests and the public.

SAKE Brand Afuri

The sake served at the bar are all from Kikkawa Brewery’s Afuri series. While maintaining the best of our traditions, such as using pure water from Mt. Oyama, we keep on pushing the boundaries of sake making. From brewing sake using yeast extracted from flowers and an ancient rice variety, making the brewing process more sustainable through reducing waste by only polishing away 10% of the rice, or creating low-alcohol varieties, every bottle of Afuri is the result of our dedication and experimentation.

Brewery Kikkawa Jozo

Kikkawa was founded in 1912 in Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. For over 100 years the brewers here have crafted sake using the clear water from an underground stream fed by Mt.Oyama’s meltwater, which is used for everything from washing rice to brewing. Tucked away in the foothills of sacred Mt. Oyama, for centuries the area has been a site of rain worship, and is also known as Afuri-yama (rainfall mountain).


All drinks at the hotel are included in the room rate, so feel free to indulge.
Along with various varieties of sake we also offer a wide selection of cocktails, beer, and soft drinks.

System 01 Compare Five Types of Sake

The Kikkawa Brewery is always innovating and pushing the boundries of sake making, and you can taste the passion and dedication in every bottle offered at the Sakagura Bar. One of the brewery’s characteristics is only lightly polishing sake rice, to be more sustainable and bring out yet undiscovered flavors in the resulting brews.

System 02 Try Refined Sake-Based Cocktails

Be sure to try one of our cocktails made using Afuri sake. Crisp, refreshing, and sometimes mellow, see just how much depth sake can add. Choose from a selection of recommended cocktails, including our signature Afuri Highball.

System 03 From the Brewery To You

Connect directly with the brewery’s passion and commitment to their craft. Learn more about the best ways to enjoy sake and more in depth information about the complex brewing process throughout your stay.

Product Lineup

  • We have carefully selected a variety of sake mainly brewed using the traditional kimoto method, which was common during the Edo period. The resulting rich, flavorful sake perfectly matches the bar’s retro atmosphere.
  • Sample sake that has won awards at both domestic and international competitions, including the prestigious Kura Master competiton in France. Taste for yourself why the world’s top experts have fallen for the Kikkawa Brewery’s creations.
  • For those who can’t partake in strongly alcoholic drinks, we offer delightful low alcohol sake varieties that allow you to experience the aroma of sake without the headache!
  • Each variety of Afuri sake is unique, taking the pure water of Mt. Oyama and lovingly selected rice and transforming them into something new and exciting. Try all the types on offer and discover your favorite.
  • A beer server and soft drinks are also available.


    Welcome To the Storehouse

    Once you pass through the noren curtain, you will enter a different world. Tiled roofs and precious furnishings share the spotlight with salvaged antique tools, that once lay abandoned and covered in dust but now gleam proudly throughout the space.


    Contemporary Art and Treasures

    Inside the softly lit storehouse, the vintage objects and contemporary art displayed everywhere shine and beckon your eye. The beauty of the artwork, which seems to have been here for centuries, is a treasure to discover.


    Ukiyoe Woodblock Prints

    Get a little taste of the life of a traveler 400 years ago, through the many woodblock prints by Hiroshige Utagawa dotted around the hotel. See if you can recognize some of the landmarks, and imagine what life might have been like during the Edo period.



    Served from 6:30AM to 10AM
    (last order 9:30AM)

    Did you know the triangular omusubi (or onigiri) rice ball was born in Kawasaki? It is said that rice (which at the time was also a form of currency) that was then shaped with a heart full of hospitality was served to the shogun. Start your morning with this delicious Japanese soul food, to fuel your adventures around Tokyo and beyond.

    SAKE Souvenir

    If you enjoyed sampling Afuri sake, you can also buy a bottle or two at the 1st floor bar to take home as a souvenir, an excellent way to share a taste of Kanagawa Prefecture with friends and family.

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